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Client: SushiPop

Date: 2015

Purpose + Vision Articulation, Brand Identity, Visuals, Iconography, UI, UX.

Sushipop hired us to develope the responsive website for its new product: Sushipop Black by Takehiro Ohno. After this project we were summoned to assist them in the visual development of Izakaya, their first restaurant.
Sushipop is the largest food delivery in Argentina and asked us to develop the website for the launch of their premium product: Sushipop Black, for this development we worked on the attributes that define the product: quality and design. For Izakaya Restaurant, we assisted Sushipop's art team in developing different graphic and architectural designs.


Coco is now part of our core team in every new project we build. He help us visualize the values of our brands and stick to it along the way. As designers of experiences, they always find the balance between functional and emotional design to enhance our ideas either online or offline. Insanely fast and accountable (when exactly do you sleep Mati?), outsourcing design with Coco was the best business decision I've made recently.

Mateo Marietti / Sushipop - CookUnity - Maca - StyleClub

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