360º Design for NYC based chef-made healthy food delivery
Branding, Identity, Packaging, Web & App UI / UX

Over the past decade, Mateo Marietti has been working on his dream of improving the way that we eat. First with the very successful “Sushi Pop” in Argentina, which became one of the largest food delivery companies in Latin America, and now with CookUnity a private chef food delivery service that focuses on healthy, balanced, honest and tasty food. Mateo asked Coco to help him build visually this new company from scratch.

Client: Mateo Marietti
Date: 2014 / 2017

The Challenge

NYC's culinary market is very competitive given the variety and quality of the current offer. CookUnity understood that this market had changed and consumers seek new and better quality for their food. Home cooked, fresh ingredients and transparency in the production process, are the main qualities . On these basis, we worked in the visual development of the brand, seeking to convey: quality, honesty and human touch.

The Scope

Purpose + Vision Articulation, Brand Identity, Visuals, Iconography, UI, UX, Illustration, Packaging.

Coco was commissioned by CookUnity, as its brand partner to create and develop the whole visual identity for the brand. We developed a creative and visual strategy that brings together the human aspect of the brand with the unique offer of healthy and delicious food. We worked on both the offline and online development of the brand.

Joining the fight against unhealthy food and bad eating habits.

In order to build CookUnity’s unique value proposition, Coco worked on strategy, UX, visual design, and the development of the company's online and offline platform.

Alongside Mateo and the rest of the amazing team, Coco architected the site, the app and the offline experience, while simultaneously emphasizing how CookUnity functions and meaningfully changes the way new yorkers eat.

Our creative direction showcases the meals and artisanal products in the best possible light on each design.

For the visual language we created a set of customized icons and graphic elements that can be used for both online and for print.

For the last 4 years we have worked on all the dimensions of CookUnity brand's communication and its visual development. Working with them on copy, visuals, social media, print, packaging, illustrations, art direction, photo art direction, UX and UI., it has been an amazing ride!

From browsing meals, to planning and setting the deliveries, the digital platform is designed to provide a seamless, intuitive experience across all devices. With helpful information and recommendations, great photos, ratings and reviews, users are empowered to explore, discover, and taste food designed to fit into their ideal diet

A set of custom icons

We supplemented CookUnity's brand with clear, friendly and easy to understand iconography.