Paladin Cyber

Protect your business from hacking.
Branding, Identity, RRSS, Web & App UI / UX

Paladin Cyber is the world's first cyber protection company focused on defending independent businesses. 60% of businesses who experience a cyber attack go under within 6 months. Paladin is here to protect independent businesses from today’s modern security threats. They provide three lines of defense to prevent, insure, and respond to any cyber threat.

By bundling software, support, and insurance in one seamless solution, they make cyber protection easier, quicker, and more affordable.

Client: Paladin Cyber
Date: 2017 / Present

The Challenge

As a company that provides insurance among their services the challenge was to create a friendly, seamless and easy experience for the users, that are used to annoying and complicated services in this market. And on top of this the other services that Paladin is providing are new in this industry so we had to think fresh and new ways to communicate this, and make it easy to be understood.

Paladin needed a design partner to quickly move forward through the creation of communication pieces and facilitate the understanding of their services. With this goals in mind we have been working on the design and execution of their UI, brand image, illustrations and iconography.

The Scope

Purpose + Vision Articulation, Brand Identity, Visuals, Iconography, UI, UX, Illustration.

We worked and crafted a brand which the main characteristic is its simplicity, quite a challenge in the complex industry of cyber insurance.. We crafted bold, straightforward language to build trust, and wake people up to the realities of the industry.

Cyber Protection made easy.

As a growing brand in a self discovery process, Paladin approached COCO to help them develop and improve their branding and online experience. We designed every communication touchpoint, partnering with Paladin in their growth and proposing different solutions to evolve and drive this process.

We started with an exhaustive investigation on the visual symbols associated to the idea of a Paladin and Cyber Insurance. From that, we went on to craft a unique brand identity that would define the voice and tone in which Paladin would approach users, as well as a new set of visual elements.
We explored a series of different styles for their Illustrations and tested them out to see which would be the best fit for Paladin’s new identity. After finding that one style, we went all out on it.

We crafted a new UI kit to go with the UX structure that was developed by the client and applied it all throughout the website’s structure.

In a category filled with big players plus the natural distrust of the users to this type of service, Paladin faces needs to constantly evolve and improve.

After a few months of hard work the Paladin has now a very cohesive, strong and impactful brand image that allows them to firmly state their claim and place in the cybersecurity market.