Roses are Roses

The way of flowers
Identity, Packaging, Print, Web UI / UX

Roses are Roses is a way to get back the fragrances, flavors and sounds of our childhood. The simple but essential ceremonies such as the five o'clock tea, the clothes with the distant perfume of the potpourri of roses, the mornings with orange blossoms, the summers with jasmines, the joy in family.

Client: Andrea Frigerio
Date: 2010 / 2017

The Challenge

When we started working foe Roses are Roses, they were a very young fast growing company, that needed to develop their brand, so they came to us for help. We worked on the design and execution of their website, packagings, catalogues, social media and advertising with huge success. Roses are Roses has now become a nationwide recognized premium beauty brand.

The Scope

Purpose + Vision Articulation, Brand Identity, Visuals, Iconography, UX, UI, Packaging.

The premium beauty care market is a very difficult market to crack given the variety and quality of the current offer. Roses are Roses understood that there was an opportunity in the customers that lacked high quality options. With this in mind we worked in the visual development of the brand, seeking to convey quality, premiumness and expertise.

Premium image.

Coco guided Roses are Roses through a beauty brand packaging improvement strategy to maximize their shelf appeal and improve readability. With a clean minimal typography and clear information, the design now represents a balance between no fuss simplicity and understated beauty that speaks about the nature of the product and its purpose.

It was important to Roses are Roses that consumers recognized the brand but also to enhance the look and feel to target their specific audience.

As part of their brand requirements Roses are Roses asked us to also design and develop their website. There is a lot in stake in the success of any new website. The website determines not only how an audience perceives you, but also, it determines how they feel about you. With their business prepped for growth, RAR needed a new website that provided a beautiful catalogue experience for customers — one that matched the quality of their products and reflected their brand purpose.