Production, marketing and distribution of electronics products and appliances
Identity, Visuals, Packaging, Print

TCL stands for Telephone Communication Limited. The company was founded in 1981 as a manufacturer and marketer of telephone equipment and supplies. Already in the '90, their business started reaching other areas, such as multimedia technology, appliances, computing, communications and general electronics.
TCL is not only one of the world's best-selling consumer electronics brands, but also the fastest-growing TV brand in North America. TCL TVs feature stylish design and the latest technology.

Client: Radio Victoria Fueguina SRL
Date: 2012 / Present

The Challenge

6 years ago we started working with TCL, developing their local brand image. The challenge was to enlarge the visual identity of the brand, as they only had a few visual resources provided by the headquarters in Taiwan. We have been working since then on the design and execution of their packagings, catalogues, ads, logos, image retouch and iconography.

The Scope

Purpose + Vision Articulation, Brand Identity, Visuals, Iconography, Packaging.

Coco was entrusted as their visual partner to create and develop a large and diverse number of visual pieces, mostly to be used in their retail points of sale . The home technology industry is very competitive and dynamic industry that sells products that are part of the consumers daily life. As years passed by and we got to know the brand better, we were able to create new visual elements to enhance their visual impact and market share.

New Challenges =
New visual communication

As a brand growing with new divisions and products, TCL approached Coco to help them develop and improve their visual communication and product packaging. Coco worked on visual design, Logo Design, Packaging, POP, Illustration and Catalogues..

It was important to the TCL team that consumers recognized the brand, but also that the look and feel was enhanced to target a larger audience.

In an industry filled with stiff competition, TCL faces competitors that push them to evolve and improve. Every company faced with this challenge has two options: 1) cling onto the “old way” that got them into this mess, or 2) rethink their company's communication with a new vision and image, and start to rebuild it. We urgently needed to renew the packaging and give the brand a new life on display.

As a result of our combined efforts with TCL’s Marketing Department, the brand has now a very cohesive, strong and striking brand image that conveys their leading position in the home technology sector in Argentina.