Storyteaching for kids, loved by parents.

Today’s kids are exploring a world far more complex than the one we grew up in, and they’re facing challenges we never imagined. What skills do they need to navigate this fundamentally changed world? With the Encantos storyteaching platform, kids learn the skills they need to flourish—and they learn to love learning along the way.

Project Summary

Competitive benchmarking, Brand consulting, User and Product discovery, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping.

Responsive Design
Web Design
Icon Design
Launch project

Global site redesign.

One of our first initiatives in 2021, was to design Encantos’ new website platform. The goal was to create a new visual content hub for all the company’s brands under the Encantos' umbrella. Each brand had its own personality and style, something that added to the challenge of creating a new visual universe for Encantos that could also integrate and play organically with each existing brand. The result: One playful design, that visually articulates with hundreds of brands.

Custom Illustrations

Category iconography

Monochromatic icon system

Custom icon system

New website.
New Brand.

The creative team at Encantos requested our assistance to work with them to not only re-think their online visuals but to also accompany them in evolving their existing brand, a process that resulted in the design of the new version of the Brand, its colors, visual system and mascot.

Visuals that teach through stories.

Our work was centered around the concept of storyteaching and creating a visual platform that could help the storyteachers showcase their stories and help children in their learning process. To do so effectively, we created sets of different visual elements to be used as visual helpers.

Coco has been an invaluable resource for our company. We work with Coco as an outsourced member of our team. They have helped us design, develop, and implement our website. Their commitment to their clients and to detail is impeccable. In every aspect, they improved on our project - they strengthened our strategy, upgraded our design, made every element pixel-perfect, all while managing our budget and insane timeline. I particularly value the way they ask smart questions to help make the work - and our team - better.

Julie Fleischer, Chief Growth Officer