Digital banking services a tap away.

IUDU’s objective is to simplify your day to day by providing a new way to access digital banking services in a simple and agile way.
Our challenge was to accompany them in the process of creating a next-generation digital banking service, 100% online, that would simplify the way users manage their money and expenses, with clearer processes.

You can do more: Branding the future of digital financial services.

Right from the start, we knew this project wasn’t just about creating a brand for the next Online Bank—this was an opportunity to brand the next evolution of digital financial services. With this in mind, we felt it necessary to define the concept of the brand from the kick-off as well as the value that we wanted to bring to the users.
We agreed that the app and the brand should empower the users to do more by themselves, so we came up with “IUDU”,  a name that when read phonetically communicated exactly that: "You do".
This disruptive concept for the brand identity clearly girated around “empowering users to do more.” That identity cascaded on every touchpoint both, online and offline, giving users the power and freedom that they felt they needed.

One app, all your financial services in your hand.

Let's rock! After spending a few months on the naming, positioning, brand voice, and general branding we moved into the next great milestone: designing the IUDU App.
The goal was to create a simple, easy and cohesive user experience to connect neophyte users with a new concept of online banking. We worked closely with the Dev and product team to define and design the flows, copy, and visuals to make this a seamless experience. The currently available features are digital savings in pesos, loans at differential rates, contactless Mastercard credit card, virtual debit card, insurance, and assistance.
The app was widely acclaimed and rapidly adopted not only by the client’s existing customers, but by new ones as well.

Project Summary

Competitive benchmarking, User and Product discovery, Brand development, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping.

App Design
Deck Design
Icon Design
Making IUDU better, one design at a time.

We created a robust visual communication system that includes Ads, posters, illustrations, iconography, and a universe of organic elements that bring the brand to life with its goal of allowing users to do more.

Easy to use app

IUDU Credit Card

Custom Illustrations

Visual System

IUDU Pago's Postnet

Custom icon system

IUDU Pago's Sub Brand

IUDU Pago's Debit Card

We were looking to develop a brand and a fresh UX/UI for the digital transformation of our business, we were a bit lost at first with many ideas. Luckily we met the COCO team, and they were able to interpret us perfectly, together we made IUDÚ possible.

Franco Di Masi, CPO