Hit goals. Earn points.

Shift Workers are an important engine of the economy, but it’s incredibly difficult to hire, motivate, and retain them. By Gamifying the work experience, Onaroll inspires shift workers to stay longer and to perform better, boosting productivity & creating winning outcomes for employees and employers.

Project Summary

Competitive benchmarking, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, Identity development.

App Design
Deck Design
Email Design
Icon Design
Play while you work.

The goal was to rethink and redesign the existing Onaroll app to make it easier to use and more engaging.
The idea behind it is that each team earns Onaroll points when they hit the performance goals, like speed of service, on-time arrival, and more.  They can later redeem their points for rewards.

Everyday Goals.

We developed a visual system that allows us to turn the key levers of the business into simple goals. When a team member hits a goal, they earn points.

Icons for every task.

We created a meaningful icon system to bring to life goals and concepts, giving them visual outputs.

Cards, logos, icons and more.

We designed a UI system that allows the app to organically keep growing and adding features and visuals in a seamless manner.

The Coco team are simply the best. They're a creative super-force, delivering beautiful work on very tight timelines. They are also exceptionally kind people, so it's an absolute pleasure to partner with them.

Peter Ginsberg, Founder & CEO