Innovation & tech on clinical trials.

Innovation and technology to revolutionize patient recruitment in Latin America. Their solutions combine data analysis, specialized communication, and humanized patient management in a modern and secure technological environment.

Precision in progress.

In the realm of clinical trial startups, establishing a distinctive and trustworthy brand is essential. Geometric 3D shapes are powerful elements in crafting Trialtech's branding, conveying precision, innovation, and a commitment to progress. These shapes, with their clean lines and three-dimensional depth, symbolize the intricate nature of clinical research and the dynamic advancements within the healthcare sector.

Precision in simplicity.

Duotone outline icons emerged as a strategic design choice for branding, seamlessly combining simplicity with visual impact. The duotone effect, with its use of two contrasting colors, lends depth and sophistication to the icons, while the outlined design maintains clarity and communicates the startup's commitment to transparency and precision in clinical research.

Project Summary.

Competitive benchmarking, Brand development, User and Product discovery, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping.

Web Design
Responsive Design
Icon Design
Language and culture.

We designed a visual system that supports their  communication strategies that take into account not only the patient's clinical profile but also the cultural characteristics specific to each country in the region: language, customs, idioms, and dialects.

They are focused on human, ethical, empathetic, diverse, inclusive, and effective communication.

Clinincal trial solutions.

360° solutions to strategically connect all stakeholders involved in clinical research to effectively accelerate patient recruitment. We worked on a logic that allows them to articulate human centered photography with elements and colors that convey the technical and scientific side of the brand.

Visual system for maps

UI components articulating icons with their value proposition

Data centered design

Adaptable to every viewport